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August 11, 2020

On July 14, 2020 MOIA Committee meeting was held at Missouri State Training Facility in Camdenton and via Zoom at 11:30 a.m. President Larry Fish, Secretary Denetta Amor, Cody Brewington, David Millsap and Leah Baldon were present.  Treasurer Dwight Miller, Vice President JJ Goulbourne, Nick Miller, John McCarthy, Della Moore were present via zoom. Matt Hunter submitted Conference vote via phone.

Larry Fish called the meeting to order at 11:37 a.m..

  • Treasurer Report:
    • Checking $3,027.96, Money Market $10,154.17 (from August, 2020)

$10,751 paid, $1,310 unpaid =  for Conference registrations.

David moves to approve, JJ seconds.

~2019 Audit – able to verify all transactions, except for Square transactions, everything was reconciled. Accounts closed at $3090.60, $10,153.75.  Denetta moved to approve audit, John seconded, motion passed.

~Pam Groose needs payment for Conference PI Certifications.  Dwight will take care of that.

  • 501(C)3 update:    
    • All paperwork has been obtained by the Federal Government.  Working with KPM on tax exempt paperwork.

~KPM will do all reporting to the Governments (Federal and State)

  • 2020 Conference:
    • Registration is

104 Members (24 from LECC)

16 Non-Members

9 Membership only

  • BBQ – Will check with Martin’s about coming down.  Will also check with Scott Britton’s BBQ team.
  • Giveaway/Raffle – Gun belt stand, AR, Pistol (Glock 43X), question about flag, Dwight will check.
    • PCA guns in Jeff City has blue label Glocks
  • Investigator of the year/Scholarship requests
    • Cody made a motion to accept Greg Kellerman’s nomination.  Matt seconded.  Motion passed.
    • John inquired about Anthony Ferrell, from Dwight.  David made a motion to approve and John seconded for Scholarship and room and board.
  • Discussion on class schedule and what things need to be moved around. Case Management still needs to have an instructor, will check with Kevin Holle.
  • John will check with A-B for alcohol, still waiting on a call. All other alcohol is arranged.
  • Masks are required.  Hand Sanitizer and masks will be provided at Registration and training room entrances.
  • Dwight has officially retired which makes him ineligible for the Treasurer position.
    • There has been a proposal to change the By Laws to join the Secretary/Treasurer positions for a vote at the Conference meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by Larry and seconded by JJ.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 31, 2020 at noon at Stone Castle in Branson, MO.

                                                                                    Denetta Amor

                                                                                   MOIA Secretary

PO Box 114, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

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Current Officers:

David Millsap  Matt Hunter                      
Larry Fish                      
Denetta Amor                      damor@higginsville.orgCody Brewington  
Les Kerr                         Les.Kerr@usdoj.govLeah Baldon                       
JJ Goulbourne jjgoulbourne@outlook.comNicholas Miller                    
John McCarthy   JMC1805@yahoo.comDella Moore