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December 8, 2020

On December 8, 2020 MOIA Committee meeting was held at Missouri State Training Facility in Camdenton at 11:30 a.m. Secretary-Treasurer Denetta Amor, Cody Brewington, David Millsap, John McCarthy, Matt Hunter and Leah Baldon were present.  Vice President JJ Goulbourne and Della Moore were present via zoom.

Denetta Amor called the meeting to order at 11: 40 a.m..

  • Treasurer Report:
    • Checking $5112.45, Money Market $10,150.81 (from December, 2020)

~ John moves to approve the Treasurer’s report, Matt seconds, motion passes.

  • 501(C)3 update:    
    • Tax exempt paperwork has been sent to the State
  • Association Business:
    • iPad or Android tablet is compatible with the Square app.
      • iPad has been secured and
      • A new Square account will be set up and a Square terminal will be purchased for use at Conference.
      • MiFi options were discussed.  Waiting on Verizon to get the Government rate.
  • 2021 Conference:
  • Conference can be held during the normal week of May 24-27, 2020.  Conference will be Mon-Thursday.
    • Email will be sent to the Membership this week on Conference.
  • Discussion on class schedule and what type of Advanced classes we can provide.
    • Pre-Registration for Dark Web class, they will need information ahead of time.
    • David made a motion to use Mike and Jason as our keynote, John seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Start working on Giveaway/Raffle items.
  • Missouri Mike’s BBQ – $600 (dependent on market at the time) for chicken for 125 people. $55 for beans and corn, each pan.
  • Request bids for future Conference locations.
  • Awaiting Presidents input on potential Board members.

Motion to adjourn made by David and seconded by Cody. Motion passed.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 11:30 in Jeff City, State Fire Marshall’s Office.

Denetta Amor

MOIA Secretary -Treasurer

PO Box 114, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

“Connecting Professionals”


Current Officers:

Larry Fish                     JJ Goulbourne
Denetta Amor                      damor@higginsville.orgDavid Millsap  
Matt Hunter                                8105matt@gmail.comCody Brewington  
Les Kerr                         Les.Kerr@usdoj.govLeah Baldon                       
John McCarthy   JMC1805@yahoo.comDella Moore